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Artist Name sort descending What emotions does thinking about your debt elicit?
C. T. Dread, anxiety and shame.
Cameron Coffman
Camile Emblem Sadness and fragmented
Carl Bowlby Shame, fear, anxiety, pressure, lack of self-esteem
Carlos Alejandro stress, restricted, not free
Carmelita Diaz Anxiety, Repentance and Wory
Caroline Gil Rodríguez Incredible amounts of stress when I see the amount of debt I've accrued over the span of two...
Casey egner Fear, anger, general anxiety and worry. A lot of disbelief.
Casey James Wilson Frustration, anger, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, futility, insignificance
Casey Warr At this point I feel a scary feeling of living the rest of my life as a economic outsider. A normal...
Catarina Elaine Williams
Catarina Williams Sadness is a main factor but also fear for the future. I fear that in the future, my debt will only...
Catherine Tafur I don't usually think about it. I have made my peace with it since I know the situation would...
Cela Luz Frustration, I feel that I am living in a shaky ground.
chantel foretich sadness, anger, confusion, gratitude
charlie milgrim sadness
Chepe Cuadra ANGUISH and impotency
Cheryl Gross anxiety
Chin Chih Yang There's definitely an emotional component to debt. I feel that the stress and anxiety...
Chris Camperchioli Resignation. This is not unique among artists in my community. I know I'll likely be in debt...
Chris Sauter I feel resignation and anxiety when thinking about debt.
Christie Blizard I feel mostly shame, regret, and anxiety. Most of my credit card debt was for art materials that...
Christina Maile Mostly fear and anxiety from a burden that will never be lifted. A kind of numbness even when...
Christine O'Malley Fear, anxiety, and stress build up in the pit of my stomach.
CHRISTOPHER E. HILL Feel like I am trying to swim but there is this huge weight on me making it harder to breathe
Christy Rupp extreme sadness and sickness
Chyn Guilt for not having lived my life in a more prosperous manner.
Claire Donato sadness, frustration, boredom, disgust, stress, absurdity, togetherness
Claire Webb
Colin Frazer *vomit*
Colleen Maynard Anger, jealousy of others without it, fear for my and my partner's future, frustration of...
Conchi Sanford Depression, sadness, anxiety, fear
Cori Redstone When I think about my debt I feel terror, depression, anger, helplessness, desperation, regret and...
Cory Honestly not very good ones. No good feelings come from it. I definitely lose sleep, and I'll...
Craig Kaths disgust
CS Depressing thoughts, stress, anger. All of the above.
Cynthia Reynolds anxiety