Tania Breton Santin

Your total current debt (this will be collectivized--not shared individually): 
22 000.00
How do you make a living? Please share some details about your economic reality. : 

I am currently going to school and I get loans; I am also in work-study.

How does debt effect your art practice?: 

Buying art supplies is very expensive, and right now debt can only affect it by me not buying everything I need for all my ideas. So, I choose to recycle. Last week, one of my friends gave me some oil paint and a used canvas; I also used "trash". It's kind of okay, actually, for me, because I know I am recycling and it feels good; however, I do want my art to be around for a long time so my question is: if I buy the expensive stuff, is it going to make it last longer than the "trash"?

Are you in debt? How did you get in debt?: 

Yes, I am in debt; I attain debt beause I want to have a degree.

Which bank currently handles the majority of your debt?: