Marc Newsome

Your total current debt (this will be collectivized--not shared individually): 
113 000.00
How do you make a living? Please share some details about your economic reality. : 

I do freelance photography and video production. I have a mortgage loan. Much of my debt comes from purchasing photography and filmmaking gear to create orignal artistic work as well as client work to pay bills and live. Being a creative in a corporate city as Houston can be a challenge considering arts and creative services aren't respected as valuable as in other major metropolitan cites.

How does debt effect your art practice?: 

Debt affects my art practice in that it causes me to constantly have to decide between spending my time creating new creative work or focusing on making money to pay off debt.

Are you in debt? How did you get in debt?: 

Buying camera equipment, software, getting laid off three years ago, home mortgage, etc.

Which bank currently handles the majority of your debt?: