Mariangeles Soto-Diaz

Your total current debt (this will be collectivized--not shared individually): 
48 000.00
How do you make a living? Please share some details about your economic reality. : 

I teach; sometimes sell work.

How does debt effect your art practice?: 

A positive aspect deriving from this situation of debt is that I try to reuse materials as much as I can and not waste anything. I live in subsidized staff housing, far from an urban art center which would be the professionally smart strategy but much more expensive. A proper studio has always felt out of range, so I have worked from home since graduating from school missing the kind of exchange that can happen when you live in an urban center closer to fellow artists. My practice is expansive, roughly divided between making work that can potentially sell to support some of my material expenses, and social practices that are geared toward performative gestures, slow community-building and creative place making. 

Are you in debt? How did you get in debt?: 

Yes, I am in debt over undergrad and grad degrees. I'm on the thirty-year-plan to pay almost $50K.

Which bank currently handles the majority of your debt?: