Alan W. Moore

Your total current debt (this will be collectivized--not shared individually): 
2 000.00
How do you make a living? Please share some details about your economic reality. : 

I am retired from a decade of precarious teaching. Nothing from that. Today, I live from funds secreted from an investment account started by my grandfather in 1930... that and the kindness of family. Very occasionally, I get grants to continue my work.

How does debt effect your art practice?: 

Younger people cannot participate in my projects -- in collective projects I depend upon to do my work -- because they haven't the time free from their work. I feel I have nothing to say or share with the young creative indebted today that resonates with their oppressive experiences.

Are you in debt? How did you get in debt?: 

I have not yet begun to go into significant debt. It is coming...

Which bank currently handles the majority of your debt?: 
Debt type: